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5 Gift Ideas for the Foodie Parent Who Has Everything

5 Gift Ideas for the Foodie Parent Who Has Everything

Coming up with gift ideas for parents can be tough. “Think about what your recipient loves” is great advice, but what do you do if your gift recipient has everything under the sun related to their hobby? Foodie gift ideas can be particularly tricky—do they prefer dining in or going out, do they entertain a lot, what are their favorite cuisines (and do they even make them at home)?

We’ve rounded up five of our favorite gift ideas for foodie parents who seem to have everything—including great taste.

  1. Food or drink kits. Kitchen-related kits are great gift ideas for parents of littles—watching items grow or steep or mature can be fun and educational to share. But this food gift idea can also be enticing for moms and dads after the kids call it a night. Explore hot sauce grow and make kits, cheese making kits, and other options depending on what your particular food parent recipient digs.

  2. Wine cooler. No, not that kind. Maybe calling it a “wine chiller” would be more appropriate. Either way, fans of entertaining with a bottle of white can keep their vino chilled for the entire meal with this convenient contraption—and without the need for messy, melty ice.

  3. Knife sharpener. Chances are foodie parents have a whole host of knives at home, but who has the time to have them sharpened professionally? A handy sharpener or honing rod will keep your favorite foodie from needing to slow down in the kitchen.

  4. Book or tablet stand. We promise you—foodie parents still have cookbooks lying around. If they’re not using them actively, they may be using them as decoration in the kitchen or dining room. A simple stand in wood or metal is perfect for propping up an old favorite tome, whether in use or not. Or if an active home chef uses a table for their recipes, it’ll work for that too.

  5. Food subscription boxes. A perfect marriage of gift ideas for parents and gift ideas for foodies: simple, convenient, delicious. Food subscriptions can be for snacks, desserts, meats, cheeses—just about anything! If you’re lucky, maybe your foodie parent will share the spoils. Not sure you want to commit to a whole year of subscriptions? Try this box of treats instead.

  6. Something for the little one(s). Sometimes the easiest way to a parent’s heart is to gift them something to share with their kids. A onesie or t-shirt featuring Kraft Heinz brands are both fun and functional.

Shopping for the foodie parent who has everything doesn’t have to be mystical—and neither does planning a party for them. If you need to do more than shop for a gift for the foodie parent in your life, read up how to do wine and cheese math and pick out an ideal birthday cake recipe.

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