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Seasonal Party Drinks to Wow Your Guests
Seasonal Party Drinks to Wow Your Guests

Seasonal Party Drinks to Wow Your Guests

It’s easy to plan your party menus to include seasonal favorites, but how about your party drinks? Whether you need a punchbowl drink for a summertime pool party or a classy cocktail for a cold night New Year’s Eve, we’ve got you covered.

Of course, if you’ve got a party with lots of little revelers, sober folk, or anyone who simply doesn’t like to imbibe, you can leave out the alcoholic contents of any of these mixed drinks for a mock or “virgin” version safe for everyone to share (but everyone imbibing should remember to enjoy responsibly).

Seasonal Party Drinks

Winter Party Drinks

  • Dark, rich beers pair perfectly with the rich flavors of holiday meals. For more help making your beer selections for Thanksgiving or other wintertime meals, check out our beer pairing guide.

  • Nog is a favorite wintertime drink—it also doubles as a dessert (and sometimes can be made into dessert, like this Egg Nog White Chocolate Bark).

  • Bubbly, flute-friendly drinks are ideal for holiday toasts—champagne, sparking wines, and champagne-based punches. Kids and non-drinkers can join in the fun with sparkling grape juice!

Spring Party Drinks

  • Mimosas are a classic springtime drink—especially for brunches and lunches! Get creative with your orange juice and sub in blends for a fun twist. Consider chilling berries and adding them to the drink whole for a fruity new twist on the classic!

  • Drinks with mint notes are popular end-of-spring drinks—mojitos, anyone?—and Derby Punch is a great example of the transition from spring flavors to summer with the citrus and ginger notes playing off the fresh mint sprigs.

Seasonal Party Drinks

Summer Party Drinks

  • Mules are a popular summertime drink—in no small part due to its festival copper mug. Mules can have just about any base spirit and can even be made virgin-style for nondrinkers and kids!

  • Did someone say sangria? The quintessential summer party drink can be dressed up in almost any way, made to pair with just about any menu—get creative!

Fall Party Drinks

  • Hot toddies are sometimes used as folksy, old-timey sore throat remedies, but they make much better party drinks during fall months.

  • Hot buttered rum—sensing a trend with these hot drinks?—can be a time-consuming recipe, but is a great drink for crisp-cold fall nights spent around a fire with friends.

  • Ciders are a great addition to your fall party menu—and there are both alcoholic and non-alcoholic cider options available to offer your guests.

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