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Easter Dinner Tips

Easter Dinner Tips

The Easter Bunny is responsible for the Easter egg hunt. You? You’re on the hook for dinner. These Easter dinner tips will help you plan and execute the meal with aplomb. Most families start with deviled eggs and other appetizers, then move on to traditional pork dishes (Balsamic-Maple Glazed Ham is always a hit) and glorious Easter cupcakes. Our Easter dinner recipes ensure chocolate will not be the only thing consumed on Easter Sunday. We've also got tips for vegetable side dishes and fruity desserts that take advantage of fresh seasonal produce, too.

Easter Dinner Tips

Planning Easter Dinner

Not quite sure where to begin when planning your holiday meal? This spring dinners video will not only show you some great recipes, but will also give you some decorating and centerpiece ideas to perk up your holiday table.

Easter Ham

Nothing says Easter dinner like a succulent ham. Salty and smoky, this main attraction is the centerpiece at many Easter dinners. While there are the traditional brown sugar and spice glazes, there are also some other interesting options you might consider, such as Glazed Ham with Dijon-Pineapple Sauce, Cranberry-Glazed Ham, or Ham with Walnut Glaze.

Easter Eggs

Who can celebrate Easter without eggs!! For some, making hard-cooked eggs can be a daunting task. Check out the How to Boil an Egg video or follow these simple steps for a perfectly cooked egg every time: Place eggs in saucepan; add enough water to completely cover eggs by at least 1 inch. Bring water boil; cover. Remove saucepan from heat; let stand 15 min. Drain eggs; immediately place in bowl of ice water. Let stand until completely cooled, changing water if necessary. Perfectly hard-cooked eggs will have a firm yellow center with no greenish tinge. Hard-cooked eggs in their shells can be refrigerated for up to 1 week. Hard-cooked, colored eggs make great centerpieces or can be used as name plates for seating arrangements at the head table.

Looking for a few good deviled egg recipes to use up some of those hard-cooked eggs? Then look no further, check out these recipes as potential options for your Easter buffet table. Creamy Deviled Eggs, Easy Deviled Eggs, Easy Deviled Eggs & Ham.

Easter Dinner Menu Tips

If you are having people over, plan ahead and start early. Find recipes, such as Make-Ahead Spinach Phyllo Roll-Ups, that can be prepared in advance and frozen for up to 3 months. Then all you need to do is bake off before the guests arrive.

When planning your menu, think “variety.” Serve foods with an assortment of colors, flavors and textures.

If serving cold dips, such as Spinach Ranch Dip or PHILADELPHIA Tuscan Dip, make them one or two days ahead of time. Not only will this reduce your kitchen prep duties on the day of your holiday gathering, but the flavors of the dips will improve with the overnight refrigeration time.

Separate your sides into “make ahead” and “day of” recipes. For example, Classic Green Bean Casserole and Tracy’s Make-Ahead Mashed Potatoes can be prepared as directed and refrigerated for a couple days before baking. Check individual recipes for exact instructions for finishing off the recipes in the oven.

When deciding what sides to have at your holiday meal, consider “What’s in season”. Our guide will help direct you to produce that is bountiful during the spring season. Typically when you buy produce in season, it is cheaper and will be the best quality too!

Trimming Fresh Asparagus: Asparagus spears snap off naturally where they are tough. Simply bend the spear near the bottom end, and it will break off at the right point. Or, remove an inch or so of the "woody" portion off the bottom of the stalks with a sharp knife. Check out these recipes that highlight this spring beauty: Easy Creamy Baked Asparagus, Asparagus, Tomato & Goat Cheese Salad, Cheesy Miracle Asparagus. Get more tips and recipes on our asparagus page.

Seasonal fruits not only make great desserts, but can also make beautiful springtime centerpieces for your Easter table. For a monochromatic theme, choose fruits that are of a similar color palate and place in a large bowl. For example, lemons or oranges are a warm and festive color for the season. Gather small oranges, kumquats or lemons. Arrange in a large clear glass bowl with some fresh greenery, and voila!...a simple and fresh centerpiece.

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