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Halloween How-To: Cupcake Tips

Cupcakes, those cute and scrumptious cousins of larger cakes, undergo strange and frightening transformations when Halloween rolls around. Here you’ll find out how to transform yummy cupcakes into mummy Halloween cupcakes—and beyond—with clever decorating tricks. For more devilishly clever transformations, check out our cakes and cookies, too. They’re the sweet side of our full-on party menu—which includes everything from scary-good appetizers to Vampire Sangrias and other bewitching beverages. For more Halloween ideas, visit our haunted Halloween home page!

Halloween Cupcake Tips

  • It's easy to customize a packaged cake mix for Halloween. Just stir 2 Tbsp. Halloween-colored sprinkles or miniature chocolate chips into the batter, then bake as directed for a fun and unexpected surprise.
  • When baking cupcakes, check them for doneness at the lower end of the recommended bake time to avoid over baking them. To make sure they're done, insert a toothpick in the centers - the toothpick should come out clean. Or, touch the tops of the cupcakes lightly – when done, they should spring back lightly to the touch.
  • It's simple to add a touch of Halloween mischief to your cupcakes. Just bake a variety of white, yellow and/or chocolate cupcakes. Cool, then frost with thawed COOL WHIP Whipped Topping. Then, let each child decorate his or her own cupcake with some favorite candy pieces gathered from a night of trick-or-treating.
  • Transporting cupcakes can be as scary as the ghouls and ghosts running around on October 31st. Bakery-style boxes, which can typically be found at craft stores or in grocery store bakeries, are perfect for toting your cupcakes to your party destination. Or, a disposable foil casserole pan with a lid works just as well in a pinch. If you find yourself baking cupcakes often, consider investing in a plastic cupcake carrier.
  • Our Cupcake Recipes page has even more tips for making perfect cupcakes.

Halloween Cupcake Treats

  • For a fun surprise, tint white or yellow cake batter orange with a few drops of food coloring before baking as directed. Try this with our Jack-o'-Lantern "Cake"!
  • For a festive dessert in a flash, tint thawed COOL WHIP Whipped Topping with a few drops of green, orange or purple food coloring before spreading onto cooled cupcakes. Keep refrigerated until ready to serve.
  • For a cake even Frankenstein would enjoy, our Monster "Cake" is a snap to prepare. And the step-by-step video and diagram make it oh-so-easy to make!
  • If your child is interested in creepy crawlies, our Spider Cupcakes is a must-have dessert. The JELL-O Instant Pudding in the batter makes it super moist. And for another dessert with a spidery theme, try our BAKER'S ONE BOWL Spider Web Brownies. They're irresistible!
  • Add a smile to your child's face by making cupcakes to match their costume! We have baseballs, blooming flowers, wizard caps, and many more decorating ideas on our cupcake recipes page. Check them out now.

Having a Halloween party? Our Halloween food page is chock full of great ideas guaranteed to make your party a success.

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