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Halloween Appetizer Ideas

Looking for some spooky fun this Halloween? Plan that monster Halloween bash with these amazing Halloween appetizer ideas. From our Spooky Ham Roll-Ups to our Halloween Mummy Spinach Dip, these appetizers are frighteningly flavorful. And to save you from some of that party planning stress, we’ve compiled how-to tips and tricks from the experts so that your Halloween party prep goes as smoothly as possible.

Finding appetizers for Halloween is fun and easy with our help. Whether you plan on serving an all-Halloween lineup of appetizers or a mix of both Halloween and all-season appetizers, a mix of both sweet treats and savory food will ensure everyone’s happy. Check out our party menus—including one that’s for a kid's Halloween party—and peruse our selection of brews and beverages for just about every kind of thirst. (Tell the vamps it’s BYOB.) For more Halloween party ideas, along with great crafting and decorating ideas, visit our haunted Halloween home page!

Halloween Appetizer Tricks

  • Check out Halloween Party Ideas for a collection of foolproof tricks to help make your next Halloween party a guaranteed success.
  • To reduce stress on the day of the party, do as much as you can the day before. This includes tasks such as setting the table, decorating the room, and chopping ingredients.
  • While planning your appetizers for Halloween, think “variety” - serve foods with an assortment of colors, flavors and textures.
  • To allow you to spend more time with your guests the day of the party, include in your menu a selection of recipes which can be prepared ahead of time.
  • When serving appetizers at a cocktail party, plan on serving about 12 appetizers per guest. For a dinner party, you should plan on serving about 6 appetizers to each guest.
  • If serving cold dips, make them one or two days ahead of time. Not only will this reduce your kitchen prep duties on the day of the party, but the flavors of the dips will improve as they refrigerate overnight.
  • Food safety is no joke! Remember to keep hot foods hot and cold foods cold when serving them at a party.
  • A common catering trick is to place a used napkin or plate on a tray so guests know where to place their used dishes. Keep a few trays or other receptacles spaced around the room to make cleanup easier.
  • Clearly label all dishes so guests with allergies or other dietary concerns will know what’s safe for them to eat.
  • Need even more Halloween appetizer ideas? Our Halloween Party Menu is chock full of additional tips and recipe suggestions for hosting the perfect Halloween party. Don’t wait. Check it out now!

Halloween Appetizer Ideas

  • If you're pressed for time, feature a few show stopping appetizers, such as Cheesy Jack-'o-Lantern or Spicy Vampire Bat Wings. Then, complement these homemade appetizers with fresh or frozen appetizers purchased from the supermarket.
  • Discover how easy it is to transform refrigerated bread dough into fun-to-eat Halloween treats, such as Cheesy Bones. The kids are sure to love them!
  • Try our Creepy Halloween Pesto Dip for a scary, yet delicious, new way to enjoy spinach dip.
  • In a room full of hungry humans, ghosts and goblins, food goes fast! To make the appetizers last longer, fill bowls with Halloween candies and Roasted Pumpkin Seeds, placing them around the room for the guests to enjoy.
  • Keep appetizers small, so they're easy to eat in one or two bites. Our Little Devil Deviled Eggs fits the bill perfectly!
  • Don't forget these terrifying (and tasty) Halloween drinks! Plan to serve one signature cocktail (if serving alcohol), and 2 to 3 non-alcoholic options, such as punch or soda.

Start off your party right with these Halloween appetizer ideas from My Food and Family. Fun, spooky, and oh-so-scrumptious, you can’t go wrong with these amazing Halloween appetizers.

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