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The Best BBQ Tools, Tips & Accessories
The Best BBQ Tools, Tips & Accessories

The Best BBQ Tools, Tips & Accessories

Looking for gift ideas for your favorite griller? Need to round out your own collection? Wondering how to clean sticky basting brushes? You’ll find helpful tips on BBQ tools & accessories from the Kraft Kitchens Experts plus how-to-grill videos. We’ve also got helpful, in-depth articles, from how to cook ribs to how to grill corn on the cob. Before you start choosing from our many BBQ recipes, please take some time to go over these tips on grilling safety: It starts with a clean grill. Then be sure to follow this chart on recommended cooking temperatures for grilled foods.

Best BBQ tools to have

Wide spatula: Burgers, chicken pieces, steaks and veggies take a turn for the better with a wide metal spatula.

Grill tongs: For turning sausages and franks, but also scallops, shrimp, tortillas/pitas.

Meat fork: For lifting large roasts and whole birds once they're done cooking. Also helps with carving.

Grill brush: Brass bristles resist rust and won't scratch porcelain enamel. Steel brushes are better for cast-iron grates.

Basting brush: We recommend natural boar bristles (nylon bristles will melt if they touch the cooking grate) and a long handle. Always wear a mitt when basting, in case of flare-ups.

Barbecue mitts: Long-sleeve, flame-resistant mitts protect your hands and forearms. Use two when lifting roasts.

Meat thermometer: Invest in a quality one. Most are a probe you can stick into the center of the meat for a quick read and cannot be left in the meat. Others can be left in the probe is attached to a wire that runs outside the grill. These usually have an alarm that sounds when the food reaches the desired temperature.

Spray bottle: A spray bottle full of water is handy to keep around in case of small flare-ups while you are cooking. Use water sparingly to avoid steaming your food or putting out the fire.

BBQ tools that are nice to have

  • A super wide spatula designed for turning whole fish.
  • Skewers make turning small foods quick and easy. Soak wooden/bamboo ones for 30 minutes in water before loading them.
  • A vegetable wok/grill topper makes grilling small and delicate vegetables easy.

How to clean BBQ tools and accessories

  • Wash tools with hardwood handles by hand to preserve wood finish.
  • Wash natural-bristle basting brushes by hand. Use plenty of hot, soapy water to wash oils out and rinse well. Smooth the bristles and air-dry completely
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