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Planning an Easter Egg Hunt
Planning an Easter Egg Hunt

Planning an Easter Egg Hunt

Everyone has to eat before they go hunting for eggs, so be sure that you begin planning your Easter Egg Hunt by deciding what you'll serve! See our Easter Egg Hunt Menu for all sorts of inspiration.

Another aspect of planning an Easter Egg hunt is figuring out where you're going to have everyone sit during the pre-Hunt feast. A kids' table could be set up with easy-to-eat finger foods and a grown ups' table could contain more adult fare.

Aside from the feast, hands-on activities will be part of the day. When planning an Easter Egg Hunt, assign the task of hiding the eggs to some guests, while others can oversee preparing the crafts for the kids and helping with the food. For ideas on all the fun things you can do, see our collection of Easter Games Activities.

While you plan your Easter Egg Hunt, be sure that you review the rules of the hunt!

Rules to Play by:

Adults must be accompanied by a child! If you don't have one of your own - borrow a niece, nephew or friend's child!

To begin the egg hunt, have the kids line up, youngest to oldest. Each child gets a decorative gift bag or basket lined with "grass" to collect and hold their eggs.

It's nice to have prizes for all the little Easter Egg collectors so no one feels left out at the end of the hunt, regardless of how many eggs they find!

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