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10 Easy Summer Recipes
10 Easy Summer Recipes

10 Easy Summer Recipes

Make a splash this season and try these easy summer recipes! There’s nothing more satisfying than creating delicious meals, treats and trying out new recipes to get you in the mood for the summer months. Whether you’re looking for a refreshing cocktail like a Moscow mule, preparing for the 4th of July or hoping to make the tastiest easy chipotle bbq ribs, this list of summer recipes will get you moving and grooving to get out and start cooking! Check out our list of delicious recipes to try today and enjoy this summer to the max. The best part is that they’re easy to make and fun to share!

1. Grilled Summer Peppers

Grilled Summer Peppers

Serve up these tasty Grilled Summer Peppers for a tasty and fresh appetizer. Enjoy bites of cherry tomatoes, herbs and the melted cheese that make this a delicious vegetarian bite. This recipe is perfect for outside cooking.

2. Lemon Berry Summer Pie

Lemon Berry Summer Pie

Make something delectably sweet with this Lemon Berry Summer Pie! This pie boasts fruits that complement each other like fresh strawberries, blueberries and raspberries. No need for an oven, either! This pie can be chilled in the comfort of your refrigerator.

3. Crisp and Easy Cucumber Salad

Crisp and Easy Cucumber Salad

Get a delicious crunch out of your salad when you try our Crisp and Easy Cucumber Salad! Enjoy the zesty flavors of feta and Italian dressing as well as the crunch of radishes and cucumbers in this salad. Refreshing and easy never looked better.

4. Easy Potato Salad

Easy Potato Salad

Make an American classic with this Easy Potato Salad. In just 30 minutes you can create a potato salad that is a perfect side dish. Add a hint of mustard into this salad and voila, it’ll become a family staple.

5. Summer Vegetable Skillet with Chicken

Try this Healthy Living Summer Vegetable Skillet with Chicken for the perfect summer skillet. Enjoy the flavors of sautéed vegetables and rice come for a savory dish your family will adore. Make it for an easy summer mealtime fix.

6. Sweet and Spicy Burger with Summer Salad

Flower Garden Cupcakes

Bite into a juicy burger and try this Sweet and Spicy Burger with Summer Salad. Allow sweet and savory to create a menu item you won’t regret making for your next barbecue. Pair with this summer salad for a summer recipe everyone will love.

7. Ice Cream ‘Cupcakes’

Angel Lush Cupcakes

Put a cool dessert on the table and make these delicious Ice Cream ‘Cupcakes’ for your summer gathering. Enjoy the creamy taste of cookies and cream in this cupcake that will satisfy any sweet tooth.

8. Easy Melon and Prosciutto Skewers

Flower Cupcakes

Serve up an appetizer to please the summer crowd with these Easy Melon and Prosciutto Skewers. In just 20 minutes you’ll get to enjoy a sweet and savory combo you’ll wish you would have known about earlier.

9. Easy Peach Coleslaw

Tie-Dye Fruity Cupcakes

Step up your coleslaw game with this Easy Peach Coleslaw recipe, perfect for any summer day. Add a popular summer fruit to spruce up your classic coleslaw for a satisfying side for all to enjoy.

10. Creamy Pesto Pasta Salad

Cute Carrot Cupcakes

Make pasta in a jiffy with this tasty Creamy Pesto Pasta Salad. You’ll enjoy the bite of sun-dried tomatoes in this delicious basil and parmesan pasta that can accompany any summer meal. Make this pasta dish for mealtime, today!

Whether you’re in the mood for something fruity or you’re hoping to get the rich and smoky flavors out of delicious ribs, there are plenty of easy and tasty summer recipes to try out with My Food and Family. For more inspiration, make sure to try these Easy Chicken Skewers, which can be paired with these Easy Grilled Vegetables. You might also enjoy this Easy Greek Cucumber Tomato Salad! Whatever your selection, these easy summer recipes are sure to inspire you throughout the season.

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